Yogaboxing is “Yogasmic” !!!!

Experience the best-selling fusion workout with yoga, boxing, African dance, aerobics and tai chi in a 60-minute movement masterclass. Company magazine called Yogaboxing “yogasmic”.
Yogaboxing is a unique low-impact workout that helps burn fat, tone your abs, legs and butt, build muscle, align your hips and spine, loosen your neck and strengthen muscles. All to the background of drumming, go-go music, and old school funk. You’ll shake, shout and scream your way to a Yogazm !!!

USB BONUS: Get all the benefits of the Yogaboxing Happy Hips DVD with all the tracks, and get the extra bonus experience of a 40-minute Yogaboxing masterclass filmed live in London UK.
Plus, get 7 audio tracks exclusive to the USB with brain hacks to help you sleep better, relax faster, and feel stronger through eye movements, strengthening boundaries, and powerful breathing techniques.
Get over 3 hours of files to download on your laptop or computer that are yours to own. The USB is perfect to use across your smart devices to be able to do Yogaboxing anywhere at any time.


(includes shipping and handling charges. Available to ship within US only).